Rose Pussta

We are one of the pioneer in nursery business related activities and having 1500 named roses varieties in Aurangabad city. We are largest producer of these roses in Maharashtra. We use grafted method of rose production instead of cutting method because grafted plant gives maximum flowers and life of that rose plant is long in compare with cutting rose plant

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Unique Variety Rose Pussta

  • Pussta is unique variety to get 100 to 150 flowers at time on single plant
  • Flower remains on plant for 23 to 24 days whereas other varieties remain for only 6 to 10 days
  • Flower color is very bright velvet red no other rose variety has such bright color
  • This variety is best to use in landscaping as garden will be always full of flower beds through out year
  • Pussta rose variety is best to grow in pots
  • Pussta variety of rose is very dwarf variety as compared with other variety
  • This variety is less susceptible for pest and diseases as compared with other variety of roses
  • It requires minimum fertilizer and minimum application of insecticides and other sprays
  • We have collection of 1500 varieties of roses but this variety has maximum sale in our nursery
  • From last 35year we are in the production of the this variety
  • Honeybees get attracted to this variety due to bright red color & dark yellow circle

Uses Of Rose Pussta

  • House- Pussta is best to grow in pots and it is best potted variety and also in our garden we can plant rose pussta.
  • Industries- We can make different flower beds by using this variety in landscaping as it requires very less maintenance and also this variety can be used for hedging or border in landscaping and also this variety can be planted on mounds.
  • Terrace- Pussta can also grow on Terrace
  • Rose Garden- This pussta variety can also be planted for rose garden
  • Landscaping-

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