Terrace Garden

Terrace Gardening

  • Terrace garden is called roof garden. Due to constraints of space the plants, flowers, vegetables, fruits we grown on terraces, balconies, or roofs and is called a terrace garden. These types of garden can be created on all kinds of buildings, residential flats, and bungalows, commercial hubs & factories.

  • There are advantages of terrace garden:

  • Reduce inside temperature as well as dust, smoke & noise levels.

  • Reduce overall heat absorption of buildings & insulate the building against heat & cold.

  • Also able to grow organic farming as per requirement. Increase amount of oxygen in air and being close to nature.

    • Terrace garden can be develop with the help of multilayer systems, which includes Water proofing techniques, drainage system, geotextile layer, crush sand or river sand, soil or growing media layer, and finally plant selection. With the help of above all systems Sakla Landscaping developed many terrace gardens and after the years it also stands beautifully & peoples enjoying their gardens happily. Terrace garden can be developed in Pots, Containers or directly on roofs with the help of soil & above mentioned layers.

    Vertical Garden Process

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