Dense Forest

  • We are proud to talk about the concept of dense forest by Miyawaki method which makes us the pioneers in India from nursery field.Our technically strong team has the complete knowledge about the native trees in the area. Hence no one else can beat us in terms of dense forest work.

  • This concept is not just about digging pits and planting trees close to each other, there are a lot more expertise, experience and knowledge involved in the process, which no one knows better than us.

  • Trees cultivated by this method grow 10 times faster than the conventional plantation. The Miyawaki technique requires only 1000 sq ft space for cultivation. It is a unique methodology proven to work worldwide, irrespective of soil type and climatic conditions. More than 3000 forests have been cultivated worldwide using this methodology.
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    • Plants grow 10 times faster than the conventional plantation.
    • Dense forest improves the quality of air by providing 30 times more oxygen than regular plantation. It also reduces ambient temperature.
    • During monsoon, dense urban forests prevent rainwater from evaporating, promotes 30 times more water retention and improves the water table.
    • The method allows 30 time’s better dust and noise absorption.
    • The trees grown by this method absorb 30 times better carbon dioxide as compared to monoculture plantation.
    • The method is completely maintenance-free and is self-sustainable after the first three years.
    • As the method is purely organic, the chemical fertilizer-free forest sustains itself and supports biodiversity by attracting various bird species, insects, microorganisms and native fruits as all indigenous trees used in the concept. Dense forests can be created for companies, factory premises, hotels, resorts, schools, colleges, airports, temples, bungalows, and farm houses, private and public parks.


  • Grind Master Machines Private Limited, Aurangabad.
  • Grind Master Farm house Aurangabad.
  • Lilasons walking Plaza, Aurangabad.
  • Matrix Fine Sciences pvt. Ltd. Paithan.
  • Dnyanesh Deshpande sir Paithan.
  • SRJ Peety Steels Pvt. Ltd. Jalna.
  • Kalika steels Jalna.
  • Say Trees, Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Tool Tech Toolings, Waluj MIDC, Aurangabad
  • Forest Office Aurangabad
  • Mascor Precisions Pvt. Ltd.Aurangabad.
  • Auracom Infra Aurangabad

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